June 2016


Uncoated vs Coated Paper & Board
 – the differences explained

UNCOATED PAPER & BOARD All​ paper starts off as uncoated. In the production process soft wood fibres are used to make a pulp that is then bleached, rolled flat, dried and smoothed. If viewed under a microscope you would see that the surface of the paper looks like a sponge with thousands of tiny holes. […]


Artwork Check List for Successful Print

A Practical Preflight Checklist The following checklist is a guide to help set up and send your work for printing; to help eliminate problems, speed up production and ensure that you get the printed job that you where expecting. Document Checks 1. Pages are set to correct finished size If your documents finished size is […]


Common UK Envelope Sizes Used in Printing

Envelopes can be very confusing. Paper has four main criteria namely size, weight, colour and finish but envelopes have all of these plus type, window position and nature of the sealing method. It is possible to print onto pre made envelopes but you can also print on a flat sheet of paper before converting it […]


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