The Importance of a Consistent Brand

We all understand the importance of a brand; it’s about the portrayal of your business and how customers view you – arguably the most important part of any business. It can dictate who buys from your company, whether they return, who they tell about you and what they tell them!


Branding goes way beyond just a logo and the colours you use on your website though, it should run through absolutely everything you do. Consistency is key to brand recognition, a customer should be able to look at a piece of advertising or marketing material and instantly recognise the brand.

When it comes to print marketing, it’s easy to find that a brand becomes diluted through inconsistency, the huge amount of variants leave it wide open for discrepancies, particularly if you don’t always use the same printers. Here are just a few things to consider…

Logo Position

Have your logo in the same place as much as possible. Most brands will opt for top right from the traditional letter-writing days, but it can go anywhere. Putting it in the same place each time will mean customers know where to look to confirm that the marketing is indeed from your company.

Brand Name

Your registered company name my have all sorts of letters after it, but do you put that on your marketing material? Whatever you decide, you need to stick to it! This can be difficult if more than one person or team is involved in the process.


Brand colours are essential, the green of Starbucks, Cadbury’s purple, they can define a brand. But when printed on different materials or via a different process colours can look very different. Choosing a printer and sticking with them is the best way to combat this, as they will get to know the exact colour you are after. But failing that, ensure you get proofs of any printed materials, before going ahead with a full run.


Typography can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of a flyer, business card or website and it’s easy to swap and change fonts to make an impact. But what will make more of an impact is having a font that is instantly recognisable as yours. Pick one or two common fonts or even have one designed specifically for you.

Paper Weight

Flimsy paper doesn’t give the impression of a luxury brand, regardless of all the other aspects. People will realise if a letter or flyer is printed on a lower quality paper than the previous one they received, which sends a very distinct message about your brand.

Bear in mind that this consistency needs to be present across all channels, so set the same style across print and digital channels for the best brand experience.

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