Logo Design: Top Tips for a Multi-Channel Environment

No matter how simple a logo looks, there is nothing simple about designing it. These days, the process can be even more complicated because of all of the different places that you have to use it including social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, offline adverts, print marketing and more – all of which have different size and shape requirements.

So what can you do to create a logo that works across various platforms?



Multi-Channel Logo Design Tips

When designing a logo for use across various channels, it is important to make sure it can be used in as many places as possible, and the first thing to get right is the shape.

A logo that is an odd shape (very tall or very long, for example) will be less flexible. However, a logo that is more or less square will be far more flexible. Most social media use square icons and thumbnails, and you want to use as much of your logo as possible without having to cut bits out. A logo that fits neatly into a square is therefore ideal.

Versatility does not just mean focusing on the shape. You can also focus on the different elements of your logo. Many companies have a large logo consisting of their name alongside an image, and where space is limited they use just the image, which is instantly recognisable as their logo.

You should also try to keep things simple and avoid trying to communicate too much through your logo. Avoid using lots of text and focus on thick, bold lines and geometric shapes rather than anything too intricate. You should also keep colours to a minimum because you don’t want it to be too noisy; two or three is usually fine.

Flexible Logos

One idea that is becoming more popular is using a flexible logo. This involves having one logo but making changes to it depending on where it is used. This could range from subtle changes to the colours, to much more drastic changes.

Why do this?

It is often a way for companies to align themselves with different values, but it can also simply be to create interest and make the brand more memorable. Depending on the company, it can be a good way to demonstrate your sense of fun and creativity, and it has been put to good use by brands such as Google, BBC 2 and MTV.

Design the Ideal Logo for a Multi-Platform World

Logo design has always been important for companies, but in this multi-platform environment it is more important than ever to get it right. So make sure you hire a skilled logo designer who can work with you to create something that will really stand out and develop your brand identity wherever it is used.

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