Working With Colour

Warm Colours

Warm Colours – These are the warm colours of the spectrum from red through orange to yellow. Warm colours tend to come towards you or feel closer to you; they remind you of the sun and fire.

Cool Colours

Cool Colours – These are the cool colours of the spectrum from violet through to green. Cool colours tend to go away from you or feel distant to you; they remind you of water and grass.

Contrasting Colours

Complimentary Colours – Complimentary colours sit directly opposite each other on the 12 part colour wheel. When used together they create maximum contrast with each other as they are vibrant and contrasting whilst remaining in harmony. As a result of this impact, combinations are often used in company logos as they help them to create impact and stand out.

Split Complimentary Colours

Triad Colours

Harmonious Colours

Monochromatic Colours

Analogue Colours – These are any three colours which sit side by side on a 12 part colour wheel. Usually one of the three colours is more dominate but when used together they produce a harmonious result that is easy on the eye. As a result they are often used in the body or text of documents.

Neutral Colours

Neutral Colours – Grey, Brown. These colours do not appear on most colour wheels. They are considered neutral because they do not contrast with much of anything.

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