Why Printing Is an Eco-Friendly Marketing Option

Many people assume that electronically sending documents is more eco-friendly than printing them. We are constantly receiving messages from our banks to choose the greener option and opt for electronic statements rather than paper ones, and the logic seems clear: stop printing, save trees, save the environment. However, things are not as clear-cut as this. […]


Catalogues: Why They Are Still Relevant in the Digital Age

People Still Like Print Despite the rise of digital books, magazines and catalogues, people still like print. They like how it feels in their hands, how comfortable it is to hold, how it smells, how they can interact with it. Quite simply, digital has not managed to take over print yet. Until that day, people […]


Tips for Creating a Personalised Print Marketing Campaign

Benefits of Personalised Print Marketing Through the use of variable data printing you can personalise your sales letters, brochures and flyers in many ways to provide a more personal communication for customers. This can often lead to a higher response rate compared to a blanket marketing campaign as you are targeting your message to the […]


Direct Mail: Top Tips for Getting It Right

Key Benefits of Direct Mail There are many reasons why direct mail still works wonders in these days of technology. Although internet marketing can certainly play a very important role, there is no need to forget about traditional forms of marketing altogether. The fact is direct mail remains a very powerful way to get your […]


The Importance of a Consistent Brand

Branding goes way beyond just a logo and the colours you use on your website though, it should run through absolutely everything you do. Consistency is key to brand recognition, a customer should be able to look at a piece of advertising or marketing material and instantly recognise the brand. When it comes to print […]


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