Supplying Data for Mailing and Variable Data Printing

At Peppermint Print we have 10 suggestions for supplying data for Mailings and Variable Data Printing, that will help keep your data safe and secure as well as make it easier for us to process and therefore speed up your job and make it look polished and pleasing to the eye when printed. 1. Phone Us: It […]


Image Resolution

In printing , image resolution refers to the amount of detail that there is in an image or photo and hence how clear or sharp it appears in a printed document. If the image resolution is too low it will look blocky or pixelated when printed; if it is too high it will make the […]


Raster vs Vector Images

In print, images, photographs and illustrations are reproduced by 2 different methods. 1. RASTER IMAGES Introduction A Raster image is made up from thousands of small coloured squares called Pixels. When viewed by the human eye the squares are so small that they appear as one image. Another common name for a Raster image is […]


Colour – CMYK & Spot, the differences explained

Introduction Within the print industry there are a number of ways that colour is produced. If, however, you are designing a web site or email marketing campaign you do not have to worry about colour too much as every computer screen will be set to slightly different levels of brightness, contrast and colour so you […]


Artwork Check List for Successful Print

A Practical Preflight Checklist The following checklist is a guide to help set up and send your work for printing; to help eliminate problems, speed up production and ensure that you get the printed job that you where expecting. Document Checks 1. Pages are set to correct finished size If your documents finished size is […]


Common UK Envelope Sizes Used in Printing

Envelopes can be very confusing. Paper has four main criteria namely size, weight, colour and finish but envelopes have all of these plus type, window position and nature of the sealing method. It is possible to print onto pre made envelopes but you can also print on a flat sheet of paper before converting it […]


Tips for Creating a Personalised Print Marketing Campaign

Benefits of Personalised Print Marketing Through the use of variable data printing you can personalise your sales letters, brochures and flyers in many ways to provide a more personal communication for customers. This can often lead to a higher response rate compared to a blanket marketing campaign as you are targeting your message to the […]


Direct Mail: Top Tips for Getting It Right

Key Benefits of Direct Mail There are many reasons why direct mail still works wonders in these days of technology. Although internet marketing can certainly play a very important role, there is no need to forget about traditional forms of marketing altogether. The fact is direct mail remains a very powerful way to get your […]


Paper Handling Advice

Properties Paper is hygroscopic. It can absorb moisture from and release moisture to its surroundings. This happens predominately at the sheet edges. This inconsistent moisture loss will cause a sheet to distort. Exposed to a dry atmosphere will cause edges to shrink resulting in a saucer shaped sheet and the effect known as tight edges. […]


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