A simple and effective marketing tool, printed banners are a great way of getting your brand or marketing message in front of potential customers with eye-catching, colourful print that will enhance your image and make your company stand out from the crowd. Our standard banner materials are strong, durable and weather proof, ensuring your printed banner looks it’s best for a long time. Supplied complete with hems, eyelets or velcro, if required, our banners are ready to go and can be produced in just a few days. We print in full colour using fade resistant inks, onto a variety of materials and can accommodate large custom size requirements.


Scrim Banners

Scrim PVC is our most popular choice of banner material. White in colour, with a block out layer to prevent show through, scrim banners produce vibrant colours, lay flat when in position and have superb strength. Scrim Banners can be used indoors or outdoors being 100% waterproof and printed in fade resistant inks. Scrim Banners are best suited to sheltered conditions or against solid objects such as walls as they can act like a sail if not positioned correctly.


Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners are a perfect solution to outdoor situations that are exposed to windy conditions or where the size of the banner is very large. Mesh Banners are made from PVC perforated with thousands on tiny holes that allow air and light to pass through and hence reduce the likelihood of the banner being damaged by high wind. Our Mesh Banners are printed in vibrant UV stable, scratch resistant inks and are fully waterproof for a long lasting display.


Smooth Banners – Single Sided

Our Smooth Banner material is high grade PVC and printed using UV stable, scratch resistant inks to produce a high resolution vibrant image. The heavy grade PVC has a smooth white flat surface that has a more sophisticated look and feel than a conventional scrim banner and can increase the impact of your display graphics. These banners can also be used for back drops for exhibition stands or with our X-Banner .


Smooth Banners – Double Sided

There are occasions when your banner can be seen from both sides and this is when our Double Sided Smooth Banner is the ideal solution. This high grade PVC is printed using UV stable, scratch resistant inks to produce high resolution vibrant images. The silver foil layer sandwiched between two PVC layers, produces a smooth white flat surface that does not let the image show through from one side to the other.


Fabric Banner

Our bespoke fabric banners are light weight, washable and durable. They offer an alternative look and feel to conventional banners and produce photo sharp images. These banners are easy to store as any wrinkles can be can be ironed out (depending on the material) and they can be used again and again making them very cost effective. Used for stage back drops, retail wall hangings or stretch light boxes, fabric can be a good banner option.



Your company doesn’t need to
have a big budget to afford an effective Roller Banner…

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Double Sided


Once your banner has been printed we professionally finish them with a strong PVC binding hem tape that produces a very strong durable edge to your banner. We will then add nickel or brass eyelets along the edges of the banner to provide strong anchor points through which you can insert one of a number of fixings.

Fixings Methods

Don’t forget to ask if you would like us to supply any of the following fixing materials

    • Cable Ties
    • Cord Rope
    • Elastic Bungee
    • Velcro Strips

Get Your Message Seen

Whether sporting the logo or slogan of your brand, advertising an offer or an event, banners are a versatile marketing tool for businesses, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, retail, sports clubs, schools, theatres and charities wanting to make their presence felt. With Peppermint Print, you can create the ideal banner for any occasion.

Bespoke Banner Printing

Choose any size, large or small to make your banner suitable for the location in which it will be placed. With very large sizes available for roadsides, fences and buildings to catch the eye of passers by or smaller sizes for market stalls or indoor use. Upon request, our large banners can be produced on the special perforated ‘Mesh’ material which helps the wind to pass the through the material and reduces the risk of damage. We can even print on both sides of the banner making it visible from all sides when placed in a suitable position by using the Double Sided Banner material.

Marketing on the Go

Always on the move and want the banner to come too? Our banners can easily be put up and taken down then rolled up for ease of transport from A to B.

Eyelets are fitted as standard to allow ropes or cable ties to be used to make fitting your banner quick and easy enabling you to make use of your new marketing material. Create a show-stopping banner that is sure to engage people’s attention by ordering a full colour design in excellent clarity from Peppermint Print.

Smart, Eco Friendly Design

All of our banners are produced using vibrant, UV safe, eco friendly solvent free inks that do not harm the environment but do not compromise on quality. The material we use for our banners is very durable and will stand the test of time to promote your company effectively over a long period.

Peppermint Print has a versatile range of materials and designs available to suit all purposes and budgets. So get in touch today to discuss your bespoke needs and budget, and Peppermint Print can help you create the perfect banner to showcase your brand.

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