Bespoke Folders

Bespoke Printed Document Folders

Whatever your type of business, you can benefit from personalised folders designed to incorporate your specific branding. Folders really serve a dual purpose – to look good as well as provide a practical way to collate and present information.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Businesses

It’s tricky to think of any business that wouldn’t find folders an advantageous investment – just try it. Estate agents and insurance companies, health clubs and luxury spas, wedding venues and conference centres, nursing homes and schools – basically any business that needs to give information to a potential customer can benefit from folders.

Ideal for Promotional Events

As well as being suitable for all types of business, folders are also perfect for a whole host of events – anywhere that you need to promote your products or services such as trade shows, exhibitions, or membership events. At these types of event, businesses need to get their information across to prospective consumers in a quick, streamlined manner. There’s often not enough time to do this there and then, so offering an information pack for customers to read retrospectively is the ideal solution.

Boost Reputation & Sales

Boosting sales is all about increasing awareness and visibility of your products and services. Folders can be used to display a select range of products, much like a catalogue, to give an overview of your business. Choose the right materials and design, and you can also boost your reputation by providing high quality, professional-looking folders to interested parties.

Any Size

We offer folders in standard A4 and A5 sizes, both portrait and landscape, as we find these are what the majority of businesses want but we can design and produce folders to any size required. If presented with an information pack, you would want something big enough to contain all the relevant information, but small enough that it fits comfortably in your hand. The folder will also need to fit with any current material that you have to save you having to print all of the contents again. What ever the size, what ever the style you require, just let us know. We’re happy to accommodate any request.


How much information you want to include in the folder? At Peppermint Print we produce folders with all types of capacity for all quantities of information so determine whether the folder should have a capacity or not and if so how wide should it be. Too much capacity and the sheets will fall out, not enough and the folder will look squashed.

Quality Finishes

The front cover of a folder is the first thing potential clients will see, so it’s important to get this exactly right. We offer a range of existing templates that you’re free to customise as you see fit, but you can also design your own folder – ideal for creative companies who want to show off what they can do. Uncoated, gloss, and silk finishes are available, and all folders can be gloss or matt laminated to make them more durable and long lasting. We can also provide spot UV finishes which add a touch of class to any design.

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