Compliment Slips are a very useful, informal business stationery item that can carry similar information to the corporate letterhead including business name, address and contact details. In addition to the business details they often include the words ‘With Compliments’ in a prominent position which is where the name is derived. A large blank area is usually left which can be used for an informal hand written message if required. Compliment Slips do not have any legal standing and can therefore be of any design but should use the same fonts, colours and general aesthetics of the corporate letterhead to maintain brand identity.

Standard Compliment Slip
Size – 99mm x 210mm
Paper – 100gsm or 120gsm
Specialty – Conqueror options

Large Compliment Slip – A5
Size – 148mm x 210mm
Paper – 100gsm or 120gsm
Specialty – Conqueror options

Small Compliment Slip – A6
Size – 105mm x 148mm
Paper – 100gsm or 120gsm
Specialty – Conqueror options

Bespoke Compliment Slip Printing

If none of these options are going to suit your own particular compliment slip requirements then give us a call, we can tailor our compliment slip printing service to your individual needs.

Uses for Compliment Slips

One of the great things about Compliment Slips is their versatility. They are a quick and easy way to identify who the correspondence is from without the need to write a long formal letter. They can be enclosed with any item that you are sending through the mail such as catalogues, cheques or sample requests as well as when sending product deliveries. Being less formal than a letter they can add a personal touch to correspondence with a hand written message conveying a caring, polite attitude to business and provide an ideal opportunity to connect with customers.

Common Sizes

As an informal item of stationery there is no set size for a compliment slip but the most common sizes we produce are designed to fit a standard DL envelope.

Other useful sizes

Paper Choices

You can chose any paper or indeed board that you wish to print your compliment slips on however in order to maintain your corporate identity and portray an image of professionalism, it is recommended that you use the same type of paper as your corporate letterhead. Depending on how you intend to use your compliment slip it can sometimes be printed on paper that is a slightly different weight than the letterhead. One should also remember that more often than not the compliment slip will be written on by hand and therefore care should be taken in the choice of paper to ensure that the ink dries quickly without smudging.

Litho Printed Compliment Slips

If you require large quantities of compliment slips printed we will generally produce them using our litho printing presses. We can match corporate colours using spot colour Pantone inks as well as printing in full colour. We are able to print on either one side or both sides of the compliment slip including flood colour to add to the visual impact.

Digitally Printed Compliment Slips

Using our digital printing equipment we are able to produce small quantities of compliment slips from as little as 100 at very competitive rates. Professionally printed and finished they are very cost effective and provide companies of all sizes a simple solution to professional communication. Their versatility makes them a must have item of print.

Watch the Spelling!

This may seem obvious to many but ‘spell checker’ will not pick this up.

The correct spelling for a compliment slip is with an ‘i’ meaning to praise, express civility or express good wishes. When spelt with an ‘e’ – complement it means to accompany something to make it better for example shoes that complement a dress.

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