Continuation paper is similar to letterhead paper but has no legal role and can, if designed correctly, it can be used for a great variety of applications. Generally speaking it will be similar to the corporate letterhead but carries less detail or indeed it can have no printing on at all.


Standard Continuation – A4
Size – 297mm x 210mm
Paper – 100gsm or 120gsm
Specialty – Conqueror options

Bespoke Continuation Paper Printing

If this option is not going to suit your own particular continuation paper requirements then give us a call, we can tailor our continuation paper printing service to your individual needs.

Information to Include

When printing Continuation Paper the company logo or icon is often the only detail included as it helps maintain the company’s brand identity. It is however common to simply incorporate colours or other graphical elements of the company style to achieve a similar result. This can be in a different position and a different size to the letterhead in order to maximise the print area left for adding your own information. The larger print area can make continuation paper more economical than a letterhead when used for long letters and the simplicity of its design means that it can be used in alternative situations to a letterhead.

Uses for Continuation Paper

The traditional role of continuation paper is as additional pages to a letter where it may be unnecessary to repeat the full details carried on the letterhead. This can look more professional than using additional sheets of letterhead or plain paper and using the company logo or other brand elements helps reinforce your companies identity.

Additional uses for continuation sheets are:

Common Continuation Paper Sizes

The very nature of continuation paper means that it should be the same size as your corporate letterhead however to maintain its flexibility of use it is recommended that you use the European standard size of A4 (297mm x 210mm) if you are based in the UK. Companies with US offices may find US Letter (215.9 × 279.4 or 8.5 × 11) a useful size.

Paper Choices

At Peppermint Print we have an extensive choice of papers that can be used for business stationery. The natural choice would be to match the corporate letterhead in both type and weight however this is not mandatory.

In some cases it can be more cost effective to drop one paper weight down from your letterhead for example:

Letterhead Continuation Paper
120gsm 100gsm
100gsm 90gsm
90gsm 80gsm


Careful consideration should be given to the capability of your office printer especially if the continuation paper is going to be used for reports or presentations as you need to choose a paper that runs smoothly and does not cause a jam in the printer. Please call our customer service department who will be happy to supply samples – 01285 658123.

Why do we need Continuation Paper?

With the advent of the office colour printer many companies chose to print their own letterhead and continuation paper but often this does not make economic sense. Colour toner cartridges in office laser printers are incredibly expensive when compared to black toner and if used indiscriminately can rack up huge costs. As an alternative using professionally pre printed office stationery helps you save on printing costs by using a simple black only laser printer.

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