Although document corners are primarily used within the real estate, legal, financial, insurance, and hospitality sectors, these small yet genius pieces of card can really be utilised within any business environment. Document corners can benefit existing and potential clients, as well as the business itself, so it’s well worth putting some thought into the design, and investing in a high quality card that will not only ensure durability and longevity, but will also make an unrivalled first impression.

Small Document Corners
Size – 40mm x 40mm
Board – 200gsm
Specialty – Lamination options

Medium Document Corners
Size – 50mm x 50mm
Board – 200gsm
Specialty – Lamination options

Large Document Corners
Size – 55mm x 55mm
Board – 200gsm
Specialty – Lamination options

Bespoke Document Corner Printing

If none of these options are going to suit your own particular document corner requirements then give us a call, we can tailor our document corner printing service to your individual needs.

Neat and Tidy

Internally, document corners can make life a little easier, and make business run that little bit smoother. Ensuring important details remain exactly where they should be, document corners can make filing a piece of cake, and can help you wow clients by having all the necessary data right there at your finger tips. Externally, document corners can help to create comprehensive information packs, either following the purchase of a product or service, or as a way of encouraging sales and promoting the business.


At Peppermint Print, we’re committed to helping your make the most from your document corners and, as such, we can offer a large range of materials, designs, and finishes, matching your brand personality and outlook perfectly. We offer a variety of card thickness’s and colours to meet your individual needs, we can design corners to match your existing stationary ensuring uniformity across the board, and we’ll finish your corners with either matt or gloss lamination – whatever you want. To add a striking and professional look to any paperwork, place your order for high quality document corners today.

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