Label and Sticker Printing

Printed labels and stickers are versatile and have a variety of functions for business use. Labels can be seen doing many different jobs including providing information, instructions or warnings for example, on packaging, bottles or products.
We can supply pre-printed blank labels for addressing, packaging or organising that can carry your branding but allow you to fill in with relevant information.
Labels and stickers can of course be just for fun or decoration!!


We have a range of standard size labels in various shapes including round, oval, square or rectangular. However we can produce what ever size or shape of label you require with our bespoke label printing service which allows you to get the exact label that you need for the job in hand.


Many of our labels are available in a range of different materials including paper, vinyl and PVC. Our paper labels come in a range of finishes including gloss, matt, super glossy or uncoated finish. Our plastic and synthetic labels are hard wearing and waterproof making them ideal for the most demanding of situations both inside and out.


Different situations require different formats of label. At Peppermint we can supply labels individually, on sheets or on reels. A lot will depend on the quantity that you require and the application that they are going to be used for.



A further choice that we can offer is the kind of adhesive that you wish to use on your label. The most common types are permanent or removable adhesives but we are also able to provide high and low tack labels depending on the job they have to do. For really heavy duty jobs we have a waterproof adhesive that will stay in place even in wet conditions.


Our bespoke security labels are there for when you need your labels to protect or provide a warning or information. We have labels that self destruct by disintegrating when you try to remove them. We also have labels that leave a residue when they are tampered with or for added security we can use a tamper evident label that states the label is void when removed. Other labels can be written on with dates and other information for inspection or installation purposes.

Buy Quality and in Quantity

Whatever your business needs and requirements, design a professional and practical label that can enhance your company brand and cut down on time and effort when it comes to administration in the office. Order several types or go for a one size fits all label that can suit all functions. Peppermint Print is here to make printing your business labels simple and cost effective.

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