We have a range of systems that we believe to be the best quality on the market.Both curved and straight styles are available and our bundles include a podium, lights and heavy duty carry case for easy transport. We supply the hardware and printed graphics and can design them too. In addition we can supply replacement graphics that will fit our Pop Up mechanisms, should you wish to update or change your marketing message.

Mini Bundle – 3×1
Type – Curved or Straight
Height (mm) – 2225
Width (mm) – 1240
Depth (mm) – 306
Lamination – Anti Scuff
Panels – 3 x 2225mm x 673mm

Small Bundle – 3×2
Type – Curved or Straight
Height (mm) – 2225
Width (mm) – 1930 or 1970
Depth (mm) – 485 or 306
Lamination – Anti Scuff
Panels – 4 x 2225mm x 673mm

Standard Bundle – 3×3
Type – Curved or Straight
Height (mm) – 2225
Width (mm) – 2540 or 2700
Depth (mm) – 685 or 306
Lamination – Anti Scuff
Panels – 5 x 2225mm x 673mm

Medium Bundle – 3×4
Type – Curved or Straight
Height (mm) – 2225
Width (mm) – 3070 or 3435
Depth (mm) – 960 or 306
Lamination – Anti Scuff
Panels – 6 x 2225mm x 673mm

Large Bundle – 3×5
Type – Curved or Straight
Height (mm) – 2225
Width (mm) – 3430 or 3435
Depth (mm) – 1225 or 306
Lamination – Anti Scuff
Panels – 7 x 2225mm x 673mm

Frame – anodised aluminium
Drops – printed and laminated
Fittings – everything needed
Lights – 2 spotlights and leads
Case – including graphic wrap
Counter Top – wooden

Engaging Displays

Ideal for exhibitions, conferences, retail displays and trade shows, Pop-Up Displays make your company’s presence felt and give your brand a professional, bespoke appearance that will engage the attention of potential clients.

With the support of our professional looking Pop-Up Displays, your sales team will have the freedom to focus on interacting with clients, promoting sales and closing deals that will help to drive your business.

Tell a Story with Minimal Effort

Pop-Up Displays are a great investment for businesses big and small, and can be utilised time and again for events, shows and displays to easily create a strong brand presence in a room.

An easy-erecting frame ensures that minimal effort is required to transform your stall or exhibition in minutes. You can also order a sturdy robust case in which to safely store and transport your pop-up display for many years.

In addition, the case doubles as a handy counter on which to present your promotional literature or stand your laptop on. Further more prints can also be applied to the outside of the case making it a great addition to the visual impact of your display.

Bespoke Designs

With Peppermint Print you can customise your pop-up display to the unique requirements of your business and exhibition. Alternatively our design team can give you the artwork template for you to do your own designs.

All designs are printed onto a heavy duty display material, with non-glare, anti-scratch surfaces for durable and long lasting pop-up displays that you can be used again and again.

All of our printing is done using eco-friendly solvent free inks, whilst we use sharp 1200 dpi images for vivid displays that will stand out in a crowd.

Maximum Choice

​Peppermint Print use the very best in materials, many with a 10 year guarantee. Our frames are sturdily built and come with everything you need to create a visual impact in a range of sizes from approximately 1.4m to 2.7m wide and different heights to fit into different sized spaces. If you anticipate an evening event or dim natural lighting, you can even order lights made to fit your display that easily attache to the frame and brighten up any occasion.

Professional Service

Not quite sure on your graphics and design yet? With Peppermint Print you can purchase your display now and decide on the final details later on.

Do you already have a frame from us that you used at a previous exhibition that you would like to re-use? This is not a problem to us as we can print new panels to fit your existing frame saving time and money, extending the life of your Pop-Up making them a worthwhile investment for any company wanting to strengthen its image, especially those companies that attend a lot of exhibitions or conferences.

Peppermint Print can provide you with a quality, durable and easy to assemble pop-up display that you can take anywhere but remember there are a lot of inferior frames on the market so make sure you are getting value for money by using our top of the range Pop Up Display system.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and budget, and explore a range of designs to create a finished result that will make you proud to represent your brand around the country.

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