Portable Signs

Peppermint Print design and produce a wide variety of portable signage for businesses that can be easily moved around to provide eye catching advertising or fixed to the walls of buildings to identify buildings.


A Frames
Size – A2 and A1 (approx)
Material – Aluminium + Plastic Pockets
Changeable – Yes
Colours – Silver and black

A Frames, A Boards or Sandwich Boards, are a cost effective, convenient, double sided display system that can increase brand awareness, attract new customers and ultimately, help boost profitability and local reputation. The A Frames are made from lightweight anodised aluminium with a silver or black powder coated finish, rounded edges for pedestrian safety with galvanised steel backs and locking arms for optimum stability. The front opening snap frames allow for interchangeable graphics printed using waterproof paper and UV stable inks and the anti glare covers add protection and durability.  Available in a range of sizes including A2, A1 and A0 as well as 20″ x 30″ and 30″ x 40″. We also produce A Frames that have permanent graphics if you require.

Flexi Signs
Size – Small and medium
Material – Aluminium
Changeable – No
Colours – White

When space is tight or pedestrian safety is an issue, our Flexi Signs are the answer, ideal for pavement, roadside or forecourt promotion. The lightweight white gloss aluminium double sided panel is ideal for applying permanent vibrant vinyl graphics. The rounded corners and smooth edges are perfect for overall pedestrian safety and the rugged base, made from recycled PVC, provides superb stability even in the windiest of conditions. These signs are easy to transport or store with the patented plastic wedge in the base which can easily be removed when you want to move your sign. Flexi Signs are available in a number of sizes but our most popular size is 460mm x 850mm

Forecourt Signs
Size – A1 and A0 (approx)
Material – Aluminium + Plastic Pockets
Changeable – Yes
Colours – Silver

If you have more room and want to shout your message out a little louder, we have a number of Forecourt sign systems that will do the job perfectly. These signs have front opening, tamper proof mechanisms for easy changing off graphics along with anti glare protective covers, all mounted onto heavy duty, flush sprung frames that allow the sign to flex in the wind. The bases have built in wheels and come complete with a carry handle for easy transport or moving as well as a filling hole for water or sand to weigh down the sign making it solid and stable. The standard Forecourt Signs are available in 3 sizes, A1, A0 and 30″ x 40″ but we can also provide them in sizes up to 996 x 1504mm so let us know how big you want to go and we will find the best Forecourt Sign to meet your needs.

Swing Signs
Size – A2 and A1 (approx)
Material – Aluminium
Changeable – Yes
Colours – Black

Traditional Swing signs are one of the UK’s most popular pavement sign systems and come in a variety of sizes. The frames are made from black or white powder coated steel that can be in a specific colour if required depending on the quantity you need. The bases are either solid recycled PVC or water filled polyethylene, with wheels, on the larger models. The panels come in two styles with a fixed aluminium panel or magnetic poster pocket for interchangeable graphics. The patented ‘D-Flex’ panel hangers are strong and durable, requiring no tools to attach the panel to the frame. The graphics are printed using UV resistant inks on either gloss laminated vinyl for the permanent signs or waterproof paper for the interchangeable models. Swing Signs are available in a number of sizes but our most popular size is A2 (420 x 594mm).

Chalk Boards
Size – 968mm x 670mm
Material – Wood
Changeable – No
Colours – Brown

Our stylish Chalk boards are available in two styles. The first comes in either a wood or black steel finish with two reversible boards that can convey your message. Supplied fully assembled with heavy duty hinges and locking side arms they ensure a solid platform even on uneven surfaces. Our second has a traditional wooden frame sourced from renewable sources and has high quality brass hinges and chain for a stylish sophisticated look. All boards work with standard chalk or liquid chalk pens (which we can supply) and can be further embellished with printed vinyl graphics if required.

A Board Signs
Size – 860mm x 564mm
Material – Aluminium
Changeable – No
Colours – White

The Frame Sign is great when you have a large message that you want to promote but need to move around on a regular basis as it is very light. This double sided frame is made from easy to assemble, push fit aluminium that requires no tools to put together. We then print onto high grade flat PVC that is secured in the frame with adjustable elasticated loops. The frame can then be anchored to the floor using ground pegs all of which can withstand moderate wind speeds. Although they can be used indoors, these frames work best on garage forecourts or where there is limited access such as sports fields, festivals or fetes.

Attract New Customers

There may be hundreds of commuters or pedestrians who hurry past your business every day without really knowing what you are about and this is a good audience to target. With busy lifestyles, these workers want rapid fire, easy-to-process information, and what better way to display this than with a portable sign.

Advertise Great Deals

Can you resist a good deal? Of course not, no one can, so if your business is offering a one-off bargain or low cost prices that beats your competitors hands down, then why not advertise it? A boards and pavement signs are a great way to tell people about special deals and offers and can really attract attention from bargain hunters.

Boost Your Visibility

Why hide in the background? If your business isn’t located on a main route, make yourself more visible by placing portable signage along pavements nearby. Smaller, more compact pavement signs can also be used to direct potential customers to your business if you’re a little tricky to find.

Weatherproof Options

We know all too well what the British weather is like, so rest assured that all of our portable signs are completely weatherproof. We use waterproof materials, UV stable inks and the bases are weighted so that they don’t blow over in the wind.

Easy to Use

Some businesses refrain from using portable signage because of the effort it takes to place them out each morning, but that’s where we’re different. Our signs are durable yet lightweight, and some even come with carry handles or integrated wheels to make moving the signs a piece of cake. What could be easier?

A Cost Effective Investment

A boards and pavement signs aren’t a cost, they’re an investment. We can replace the graphics for you, allowing you to keep the same frame as well as provide some spare parts for the models that we sell to prolong the life of your portable sign. Why pay out time and time again when you can buy just one board?

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