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1613mm x 495mm – Poster size 1600 x 495


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Budget Totem

Our budget totem is quick to assemble from flat, it is lightweight and portable. With a polypropylene pocket on each side that holds a poster in each, your marketing message can be seen from all sides and provides an eye catching display. The posters can be easily changed whenever you need making your totem totally flexible and 100% reusable. These units are ideal for small businesses that want to create an instant personalized marketing display with a small footprint.

Sizes Available

Poster Size – 600mm x 1700mm
O/A Dimensions (w x h x d) – 650mm x 1720mm x 350mm
Weight – 28kg
Lighting – 1 x 58w
Made to Order

Poster Size – 700mm x 1700mm
O/A Dimensions (w x h x d) – 750mm x 1720mm x 350mm
Weight – 30.8kg
Lighting – Lighting – 1 x 58w
In Stock

Poster Size – 800mm x 1700mm
O/A Dimensions (w x h x d) – 850mm x 1720mm x 370mm
Weight – 36.5kg
Lighting – 2 x 58w


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Illuminated Totem

Our double sided, freestanding illuminated poster display creates a huge impact. Designed to be used inside, the elegant convex design takes a poster on each side for maximum impact from all directions. Changing the posters is very quick and easy using the front opening snap frame system used on this unit. The anti glare  PET Poster covers are fixed on one edge, with magnetic seals on the others and provide protection for the posters as well as ensuring maximum visibility. The silver anodised case has a weighted silver coated base that makes the totem stable and the posters are illuminated by fluorescent tubes (single or double depending on size) with a 2m cable and fitted 3-pin plug all certified to CE standards.

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