Variable Data Printing

At Peppermint, we use Variable Data Printing software in our digital print department to create documents and printed items that can be personalised or tailored to an individual. The whole point of Variable Data Printing is that it delivers the right message to the right person using data contained in a digital format that can either come from your own internal data or from an external source. Variable Data Printing however, is more than just a mail merge tool, it allows text, customer details, special offer information, as well as graphics, colours and images to change on each printed document. We can also create unique bar-codes and numbering, all in one simple print process. The most common use of Variable Data Printing is for Direct Mail but there are a number of other uses that can greatly enhance your printed message or that just make you look a whole lot more professional and sophisticated than the competition.

Direct Marketing

Using your data, we can create customised documents with information specific to an individual customer. At its simplest level this can be names, addresses and salutations on a letter. Going one step further the letter can contain specific information such as account numbers or insurance premiums but it can go further still and change colour, images and messages if required. Direct Mail using Variable Data Printing is quick, sophisticated and cost-effective and can be used for small or large direct mail campaigns. With a customised, targeted messages you can expect more responses and a greater return on your investment. You can monitor your campaign using traditional printed reply cards, or forms and unique ULR’s on the internet to help you decide what works and where best to focus your marketing efforts.


Why spend time hand writing Certificates or Awards when you can import this information and print the recipients details all at the same time as you print the certificate? We can use Variable Data Printing to change the recipients name, what the award is for as well as the title and signature of the awarding body; not to mention the design of the certificate if you have more than one style, all at the click of a button. Your certificates will look stylish and professionally produced with no need to print and store hundreds of blanks.

​Name Badges

Name Badges are a great addition to any conference, seminar or exhibition. Our bespoke name badges can be printed with a persons name, job title and company logo using data from a spread sheet. Choose from either metal or plastic badges with either pins or clips to really enhance the professionalism of your event.

Exhibition ID Lanyards

​Our ID badges can be printed with all of the details that you require for your exhibition or conference and can include images and bar codes if required. We can also supply the clear plastic pockets for your ID cards not to mention the lanyards them selves from which you can hang your professionally finished ID cards.


​Vouchers are a fantastic way to reward existing customers or attract new ones. Using Variable Data Printing you can customise the offer or value on the voucher to target the individual depending on their gender, their order history or any other marketing information that you may have to make the voucher a truly personal gift.

Christmas Cards

Each year we save our customers having to spend hours of hand writing Christmas Cards by using Variable Data Printing to add salutations, names, signatures and company logos at the same time as printing the Christmas Card itself. Its not always possible to get everyone in the same place at the same time to sign the cards but Variable Data Printing can overcome this by changing signatures, logos and messages in each card.

Envelope Addressing

Not just the names, addresses and return details can be variable on an envelope! We can also change the image or message on the outside of the envelope to add interest and make the person receiving it, more likely to want to open it and read the message inside.


Flyers printed and mailed can be a quick and effective marketing tool. Use what information you have to target the recipient with a relevant message and image or special offer to enhance the chances of customer engagement.

Fact or Information Sheets

Use variable data printing techniques to speed up the process of producing large volumes of fact or information sheets that might share common images, graphs, copy or data. From a simple spread sheet with multiple options you can produce many different combinations that produce a unique document in a lot less time than if you set them up all individually from scratch.


Tickets needn’t be dull and boring! We can use Variable Data Printing to brighten them up with images and text that are relevant to the individual show or event.

Pitch/Proposal Documents

Taylor your sales pitch or marketing proposal to your audience. Stand out from the completion by incorporating the names and job titles of the individuals that you are making the presentation to. ​This will not only show that you are committed to the prospective client but that you also have the sophistication to taylor your service to their needs, leaving a very powerful message ! You can also protect documents containing sensitive data by adding a unique watermark to each copy allowing them to be traced at all times adding to the security of the information and your own piece of mind.

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