Marketing directly to prospective or current customers can take on a number of different forms.
At Peppermint Print, we can help you with your Direct Mail and Door Drops


Despite the swing towards online marketing, direct mail can still form an invaluable part of the marketing mix, particularly for small to medium size companies that cannot compete with the larger online businesses. You only have to think of your own daily routine to appreciate how it can work for you. Direct mail comes into its own for highly targeted marketing to either consumers or businesses, especially in high-value relationships and particularly when you know your customer and your customer knows you, making them feel valued and appreciated.

How You Can Use Direct Mail
Selling to existing customers
Selling to new customers
Raising product awareness
Introducing a new product
Raising brand awareness
Building a brand
Extending customer distribution
Reengaging with dormant customers
Encouraging product trailing
Reaching groups not on the internet or social media
Generating new leads

How To Find Your Audience
Purchase a mailing list
There are a number of firms that supply GDPR compliant lists that you can purchase for either single or multiple use. These lists can be tailored to meet your targeting requirements

Your own internal records
If you have been in business for some time, it is highly probable that you already have a list of current or prospective clients. These can be checked for GDPR compliance, cleaned and sorted and then used as part of your direct mail campaign. Care should be taken to ensure there is a mechanism to remove details when requested. You can however still market to a company as long as you do not use personal details.

Web response form
It is a good idea to have a web form that enables customers and prospects to request further information. Once this data has been captured, it can be used for future mailing campaigns.

How to Make the Most From Your Direct Mail
Target Wisely
Design for a specific target audience
Mail to a specific target audience
Use an up to date mailing list
Use accurate, clean data

Make it creative and engaging
Have strong calls to action
Have a strong impact on the target audience
Have a simple, clear message

Send at the best time
Seasonal promotions

Benefits of Direct Mail
Direct Mail can be used to send a variety of different printed items such as postcards, letters, brochures or catalogues – whatever will engage your customers or attract new ones the best.

Quick to implement
Your direct mail can be designed and produced in a few days and sent out to your own time scale.

Complete control
You can choose who to send your direct mail to and what message to include which can be individually targeted using variable data printing.

Highly targeted
Using your own data or purchasing from a GDPR compliant list provider, you can be very selective in who you choose to mail to.

Less competition
As more and more advertising goes online, your message has less competition meaning that your message stands a better chance of being seen and remembered.

More personal
Direct mail can be personalised to your prospect or customer like no other form of marketing, including special offers, events or promotions.

Build relationships
As a result of the more personal aspect of direct mail, you can build a relationship with your customers and get closer to them by understanding their needs.

Call to actionYou can enclose an order form or business reply envelope (BRE) to help response from your direct mail. You can also include discount codes for online purchases or QR codes for personal offers.

Retained lists
Ensuring that you conform to GDPR, you can use the data on more than one occasion making the ongoing cost per contact less than the initial outset. You must ensure that the recipient has the option to opt out of any future correspondence.

Research Into Direct Mail
There have been a lot of studies by mailing organisations such as The Royal Mail and the Direct Marketing Association outlining the benefits of Direct Mail. Whilst it is true that they may well have their own agendas to push, (as we do), they still have corroborated research to show that direct mail can deliver as a marketing channel in this digital age.

Mail is remembered
65% of respondents say they are more likely to give mail their full attention compared to 35% for email*

More dwell time
When primed by mail, people spent +30% longer looking at related social media content**

Mail stays in the home
27% of mail stays in the home for over 4 weeks 59%†

Mail is preferred
59% of customers appreciate being sent mail compared to 41% for email*

Helps online purchases
70% of people who bought or ordered something online, was as a result of receiving mail over 12 months*

Can boost ROI
Adding mail to the marketing mix can increase ROI by 12%††

Mail can be GDPR compliant
100% GDPR compliant mail by not using personal data

Leads to Action
94% of advertising mail leads to multiple actions†

Mail is trusted
87% of people describe mail as believable, compared to 48% for email*

Mail can help you feel valued
70% said mail rather than email, makes them feel valued*

Mail drives action
33%+ of people bought or ordered something as a result of receiving mail in the last 12 months^

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Door drop marketing offers an important, alternative route to gaining exposure for your business, helping you to connect with a wide audience that can be highly targeted down to street level.
Whether you are promoting your brand with flyers, by letter or are distributing samples, we can help ensure your campaign gets maximum reach.
Door drops allow you to market to consumers about which you have limited information, initiating a response at a low cost per customer.

How You Can Use Door Drops
To advertise your products or services
To generate traffic to your business or website
For highly seasonal sales and promotions
To build brand awareness
To generate a response and build a customer database
To impart information

How to Find Your Audience
Target by distance
If you are a local business such as a takeaway restaurant, shop or estate agent, you can target your door drop using a specific distance from your business.

Target by postcode
You can target specific types of houses or customers within different postcode areas using postcode mapping. These can either be close to your business or cover the whole of the UK.

Target by demographic
The Royal Mail can also help you target people by age, affluence or household type.

How to Make the Most of Your Door Drop
Target Wisely
Design for a specific target audience
Drop to a specific target area
Use up to date postcodes
Use accurate, clean data

Make it creative and engaging
Have strong calls to action
Have a strong impact on the target audience
Have a simple, clear message

Send at the best time
Seasonal promotions
Legal notice periods

Benefits of Door Drops
GDP Compliant
As you are delivering to an address you do not need a persons name or any personal data

Highly Targeted
There are different ways to target your audience such as geographically down to street level

Printed items that do not conform to conventional posting either in size, weight or shape can be distributed

Separated from competition when using Royal Mail Door to Door service (see below)

Less Competition
A less cluttered environment when compared to online marketing
Most suited to B to C marketing

Research Into Door Drops
Door drops are read
92% of people say they read door drops that get delivered to their home*.

Door drops help exposure
88% of small businesses who have used door drops say they have boosted awareness of their product or service.**

Door drops get a response
18% average response rates compare favourably with Direct Mail***

Are add to the marketing mix
42% of people say that door drops are an important part of their companies overall marketing mix****

*Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Iluminas 2014.
**Royal Mail MarketReach, Campaign Effectiveness, Quadrangle, 2011.
***DMA UK, Quadrangle, Royal Mail 2010
**** DMA UK, Quadrangle, Royal Mail 2010

Royal Mail
We design and print a wide range of items for delivery direct to homes via the Royal Mail Door to Door service. Other UK wide distribution networks are available but we have found that the Royal Mail are the most reliable and have the best network to ensure that your leaflets are delivered on time. They are also the only provider accredited by ABC, which is the media industry’s stamp of trust. Another advantage of the Royal Mail Door to Door service is that they ensure that they do not send out similar door drops at the same time as yours, as part of their non-competing policy.
Whilst the Royal Mail do have quite a strict booking in schedule, we can help produce your Door Drop to ensure that it complies with all the Royal Mail specifications.
Once you have booked your Door Drop with the Royal Mail, we ensure that we deliver to the appropriate Royal Mail distribution depot according to the schedule.
We will also prepare all of the paperwork and ensure all boxes are labelled correctly to ensure a smooth Door drop campaign.

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