Variable Data Bespoke Mailing

At Peppermint, we use sophisticated, variable data printing technology in our digital print department to create documents with targeted, personalised messages tailored to your individual customers.

Targeted, Direct Marketing

Variable Data is more than just a mail merge tool, it allows text, customer details, special offer information, as well as graphics and images to change on each printed document. We can also create unique bar-codes and numbering, all in one simple print process.

Suited to direct communication with your customers, variable data enables you to focus your marketing on a select group of targets and avoid repeated blanket mailing. Better for the environment and your budget.

Using your customer data, date of birth, previous purchases, gender and other details we can create customised documents highlighting promotions, special offers and information specific to your individual customers.

The Benefits

Direct mail using Variable Data is quick, sophisticated and cost-effective. It can be used for a single, customer birthday card or a large, direct mail campaign. With customised, targeted messages you can expect more responses and a greater return on your investment.

There are several ways in which your campaigns can be monitored. Using reply cards, the internet and other methods, we can help you decide what works and where best to focus your marketing efforts.

Ongoing Mailings

We help our clients regularly contact customers thought the effective use of variable data printing. Many businesses collect data routinely as part of their ongoing day to day business activity. By using this free data we can follow up contacts you already have helping improve their buying experience, gain feedback or retain customers with targeted offers.

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