We are not restricted to certain printed products, materials or sizes as we offer a full bespoke printing service.
If it is possible to print we can print it. You may have seen something online that you like or something in the real world, tell us or better still show us and it is more than likely we will know how it is printed and what is possible to replicate as well as the best way to do it, even if it means that we refer you onto another printer.


Over the years many clients have taken advantage of our bespoke printing service to get things printed that they couldn’t get produced else where either because it was on a special paper or it had specialist finishing requirements.
At Peppermint we have one of the largest printed product ranges available today asa you can see from our web site. Other products that we have been asked to produce in the past include:

Beer Mats

Short Run Novel Books

CD/DVD, cases, wallets & discs

Door Hangers

Bespoke Boxes

Greeting Cards

Presentation Ring Binders and dividers


Maltes Cross Folds

Bespoke Printing

These are just examples of some of the bespoke printed items that we have been asked to produce. Give us a call to discuss your own individual bespoke printing needs.

We can take your marketing ideas from design through to delivery or anything in between. Our bespoke printing service means that you can choose which of our products you want and turn it into your own.


It is true to say that most printed items today use the metric ‘A’ Series when it comes to the finished size of a document. By using these standard sizes you are using the paper in the most economical way. You can however achieve some interesting results by producing documents that do not conform to these sizes by using our bespoke printing service. At Peppermint we have produced some interesting and varied printed documents at finished sizes of 210mm x 210mm, 140mm x 140mm and 420mm x 148mm to mention just a few. Don’t be restricted in the size of your finished document, use our bespoke printing service to get the size you want.

Pagination (Pages)

When printers refer to pagination we are talking about the number of pages in a document. This can consist of only text pages or text pages with a cover. As we offer a complete bespoke printing service you can have as many or as few pages as you need depending on the copy and images that you want to include and how the document is going to be finished or bound.

Colour / Inks

The majority of printing today uses the 4 process colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) to print with. Whilst this takes care of the majority of printed documents there are many occasions when a single ‘special’ or ‘spot’ colour will produce a better result and can even be cheaper to produce than using the 4 process colours. Our bespoke printing service means that you are not restricted to CMYK printing as we can offer any colour you need from the Pantone colour matching system including metallics and fluorescence.


A further choice you can make using our bespoke printing service is the material that you use to print your document on. Not only can you choose from a wide variety of different weights and thicknesses of paper and card but you can also choose from a wide variety of types of too. At Peppermint we offer all of the traditional coated papers including matts, silks and glosses as well as the uncoated or bond papers and boards. We can also produce your printed documents on highly glossy cast boards, branded papers and boards such as the market leading Conqueror range and specialty boards from manufactures such as GF Smith. This wide variety of materials also includes synthetic materials that are waterproof and tear proof, making them ideal for the toughest of situations. Last but by no means least we offer a full range of self adhesive paper either as pre die cut labels or as flat sheets. If the size and type of label that you need is not available we can arrange for a special making using our bespoke printing service.


There are many different ways that a document can be finished using our bespoke printing service depending on how the the document is to be bound. If it is a Loose Leaf document you can see the options here. If it is not a Loose leaf document then the options you can choose from can be found here.


As print is such a versatile medium to convey your marketing message to your audience it is also required to be flexible in the number of documents that you might need. At Peppermint, customers have used our bespoke printing service to order as many or as few copies as they need. You can now literally have one copy of a professionally printed and bound document if that is all you need!

Delivery Times / Schedules

If you need something printed quickly or at short notice our bespoke printing service will deliver as we will print your documents to meet your schedule where ever it is feasible. We do not charge you extra to meet tight deadlines, the only exception being if we have to use a special delivery services to either buy in materials or deliver the finished product. With many print suppliers today, you will have to pay ‘rush’ charges to get your item printed more quickly but at Peppermint this is not the case, our prices are fixed no matter how quickly you need your job.

Don’t be restricted in what you produce, if you need something a little different, then give us a call and we will find the ultimate solution for you.

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