Business Cards are often one of the first things that a potential customer might see from your company at a meeting, exhibition or business networking event. They can help as an aid to remembering names and company details during the meeting or event as well as being an excellent method for getting people to take your details away with them for future use.


Standard Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 350gsm uncoated
Specialty – Cheapest option

Silk Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 350gsm silk twin board
Specialty – Smooth and stylish

Round Corners Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 350gsm uncoated
Specialty – 1-4 corners


Matt Laminated Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 350gsm silk coated
Specialty – Matt laminated


Gloss Laminated Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 350gsm silk coated
Specialty – Gloss laminated


Spot UV Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 350gsm silk coated
Specialty – Spot UV


Waterproof Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 300gsm synthetic
Specialty – 100% water proof


Double Thick Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 700gsm uncoated
Specialty – Super stiff


Xtra Thick Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 970gsm uncoated
Specialty – Coloured center


Magnetic Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 330 mic magnetic
Specialty – Sticks to metal


Embossed Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 350gsm uncoated
Specialty – Raised 3d area


Foil Blocked Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 350gsm silk coated
Specialty – Silver or gold foil


Plastic Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 760mic PVC
Specialty – White or transparent

Thermo Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm
Board – 350gsm Ivory Board
Specialty – Raised 3d ink

Folded Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 55mm – 4pp
Board – 350gsm white board
Specialty – Portrait or landscape

Mini Business Cards
Size – 85mm x 30mm
Board – 350gsm silk twin board
Specialty – Small but mighty

Square Business Cards
Size – 65mm x 65mm
Board – 350gsm silk twin board
Specialty – Square, not boring

Bespoke Business Cards
Size – your choice
Board – a huge choice available
Specialty – combine finishes

Bespoke Business Card Printing

If none of these options are going to suit your own particular business card requirements then give us a call, we can tailor our business card printing service to your individual needs.

A Range of Print Options

There are a number of different ways to produce business cards depending on the time scale, design, budget and use. If you are looking for a quick, cheap solution for one or two people, then your best option would be to have a digital business card. These can be produced very quickly on a range of boards and can be printed in either black or multi-colour.

For those companies that order a number of cards at the same time for their staff or have particular spot colours in the logo, litho printing can be a more cost effective method with each additional staff members set of cards bringing the unit cost down.

For the greatest savings it is often best to print 4, 10 or 20 names at a time. Alternatively if certain individuals require more cards than others you can double up on that person’s name, for example by ordering 250 cards for 2 members of staff and 500 cards for the third.

It is important however to consider how you will order cards in the future as getting this right can save you a lot of money whilst getting it wrong can be costly.

Common Business Card Sizes

The most popular size for a business card in Europe is 85mm x 55mm. This is no accident as it is the same size as your credit card and therefore can easily be kept in a wallet or business card holder. You can of course have any size of card you wish and they can be landscape or portrait in orientation, however different countries around the world have their own standard sizes:

  • Japan: 91mm x 55mm
  • Australia, New Zealand: 90mm x 55mm
  • China: 90mm x 54mm
  • Czech Republic, Hungary: 90mm x 50mm
  • America: 89mm x 51mm

Board Choices

Business cards need to feel good quality when handled as they create a crucial first impression. We therefore recommend a minimum of 350gsm in board weight but for a superior card that feels rigid in the hand we often use board weights of 400gsm for maximum impact.

The most popular card that we use is called ‘Ivory Board’; this does not refer to its colour but rather the very smooth finish. Other popular boards that you can chose include uncoated, gloss, matt or silk, or any of the many specialist boards that are available and that our Customer Services team would be pleased to provide you with samples.

10 Things to Include on a Business Card

  • Name of the Individual
  • Business or Organisation Name
  • Company Address
  • Company Phone Number
  • Website Address
  • Company Logo & Strap Line
  • Individuals Direct Dial Telephone Number
  • Individuals Email Address
  • Individuals Job Title and Qualifications
  • List of Products and Services (often printed on the reverse)

Multi Use

Many features can be incorporated into a business card; it doesn’t have to be just your personal details. They can be turned into mini brochures by designing them as a 4 page little book with personal details on the front and product details inside. You can also use them as an appointment card either foldes or just by adding space to write in dates and times on the reverse.

Other popular uses for cards printed in the common business card sizes are loyalty cards, discount cards, admission tickets, mini calendars, product tags, or even book marks.


As your business card is so versatile and widely used to promote your business you can increase their impact with specialist finishes to help provide a lasting impression. These special finishes can be used on their own or combined to enhance the visual and tactile impact on the recipient.

Special business card finishes can include:

  • Gloss or matt lamination
  • Spot UV and Die cut shapes
  • Rounded corners
  • Folding
  • Blind embossing and traditional embossing to create a 3D effect
  • Thermography which provides a raised text or logo finish
  • Magnetic backing turning your business card into a magnet to be attached to a filing cabinet or other metal surface

If you are unsure which option will be best for you then give us a call and we can advise on what business card printing service will suit you most.

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