Loose leaf printing refers to a document that is made up of a number of individual printed pages. These pages can be bound in a number of different ways depending on how the document is going to be used.
The most common loose leaf documents that we are asked to print are as follows:

Health & Safety Handbooks

All UK businesses that employ staff are required by law, to keep in depth Health and Safety records and maintain a Health & Safety Handbook outlining the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee. Loose leaf printing makes it easy to comply with this law – all the necessary information is kept safe and secure in one place. For more information click here www.hse.gov.uk.

Employee Handbooks

When a new member of staff joins a company it is good practise to give them an Employee Handbook that clearly outlines the companies polices and procedures that includes topics such as holiday entitlement, sick pay or disciplinary and grievance procedures. Loose leaf printing is an ideal print solution as you often only need one or two copies at a time but there can be many pages that require frequent updating.

Presentation Documents

Make your presentations stand out from the competition by getting your presentation documents professionally printed. Choose from our wide range of papers and boards for a sophisticated look that will add impact and power  to your message. Finish it off with one of our many finishing options including wire binding, velo binding or rivet binding that will neatly hold your pages together.


Produce small quantities of loose leaf brochures to a very high standard using any of our specialist finishes. In this way not only can you produce very small quantities of brochures but in addition you are not restricted to the number of pages that you have to incorporate as you are with conventional printing methods.


Producing professional looking proposal documents takes a lot of time and effort by you so therefore it is worth getting them professionally printed and bound. This will help to convey your ideas or recommendations to your audience in a clear efficient format that may help in bringing them one step closer to happening.

Training Manuals

Let us save you time and money by producing your Training Manuals for you. Printed in full colour or black and white, with ring binders or just the sheets themselves with or without drilled holes. We can also produce the tabbed dividers to make your training manuals easy to navigate and professional to look at.

Pitch Documents

When you are pitching to an existing or prospective client you need to ensure that your product or service is presented in a manor that reflects the standards that you will bring to the customer. It is no good giving them a poorly produced document as this will reflect badly on your company. A well designed, clearly laid out pitch document will help you stand out from the competition and aid the process of winning new business

Thesis Printing

As a student it is more than likely that you will have to produce a written thesis. Having invested so much time and effort into producing your work, it is important that it is printed and bound with the same level of care and attention to detail that you have invested into it. Our cost effective thesis printing service is high quality, affordable and flexible, we can also deliver to anywhere in the country making it accessible too.

Draft Documents

​Before you go to the expense of producing a long print run of a brochure or catalogue, it can help to print a complete draft document first in order that any problems or mistakes can be spotted early, as it is often easier to pick these things up from a physically printed copy rather than on a computer screen. This simple step can save you a lot of time and expensive re-prints as mistakes can be corrected before the main print run.

Bespoke Loose Leaf Printing

If none of these options are going to suit your own particular loose leaf requirements then give us a call, we can tailor our loose leaf printing service to your individual needs.

Different Shapes & Sizes

As loose leaf printing is utilised in many different ways (ranging from small, internal training materials to larger, more complex legal documents) there is no single size or shape that is going to meet all requirements. At Peppermint Print we can print and bind your loose leaf documents to a finished size ranging from A6 to A3 or anything in between.

Many Binding Options

Some businesses do not pay much attention to the binding of loose leaf documents but this really can mean the difference between a cheap-looking product and a highly professional looking loose leaf document. We offer two broad categories of binding, ones that are permanent and ones that can be opened and closed to allow pages to be removed, added or changed after the document has been bound.

Permanent Binding Methods

The most popular method of binding is wire or wire-‘o’-binding. This binding method uses a metal wire to hold the pages together. The wire comes in many different colours and sizes so has great flexibility in the number of pages that it can bind together. This method of binding produces a strong permanent bound document.

Similar to wire binding, spiral binding uses a plastic coil to hold the pages together in a permanent bind. This plastic coil is available in different colours and sizes making it flexible to use. Whilst this form of binding is not as strong as wire binding and perhaps a little less corporate, it has the advantage of not bending or getting out of shape when compressed, making it ideal for documents that get carried around in bags such as diaries, presentation documents or note books.

​With this method of binding a self adhesive pre glued strip is heated to melt along the edges of the individual leaves and bind them together with either a hard or soft cover. This glue is incredibly strong and can bind as few pages as 10 up to 350 if required.

​Velo binding forms a simple but effective bound loose leaf document by punching the paper with a series of holes through which you insert a plastic bar, one with a set of prongs and the other with corresponding holes, to the front and back of the loose leaf document. Using a Velobind machine you cut the excess prongs and melt the ends together, sealing the pages in a permanent bond. This form of binding is very popular for legal and accounting documents as the pages can not be tampered with.

Traditionally used for binding NCR pads together, tape binding, combined with stab stitching, forms a strong bind for pads and NCR document sets. Available in a number of colours it forms a permanent bond.

Similar to the binding screws, these press studs or snap fasteners are made out of a white, grey or translucent plastic with the two parts pressing together to form a permanent fastening. A 3mm hole in the centre allows for a cord or chain to be threaded through, if required, to make a hanger in order to display your document.

Re Closable Binding Methods

This low cost method of binding uses plastic ‘combs’ to bind the pages together. These combs are available in different colours and sizes and have the added advantage that you can change pages at a later date as the binding is not permanent. This method of binding whilst inexpensive is not as strong as the other methods and can look ‘home made’.

Ring binders are a very useful way of keeping loose leaves together. We can customise the ring binder to reflect your corporate identity and produce them in PVC, paper over board or with cover and spine insert pockets. Adding chrome O rings or D rings in combinations of 2 or 4 and topping off with binder securing clips produces very professional and easy to use loose leaf document.

​Binding screws form a stylish modern bind and are available in two finishes, silver looking nickel coated brass or brass. The screws are available in different lengths to accommodate different thicknesses of loose leaf documents and can be open and closed in order to add, remove or change any of the individual pages making it a very versatile, flexible binding system.

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest form of binding loose leaf documents together requiring no additional machinery. Slide binders keep the leaves of your document in place with a plastic strip that slides over the pages and squeezes them together. This binding method is not as strong as other methods but is quick and easy.

​Steel binding rings form a loose bond for your loose leaf document. The silver, nickel plated rings snap shut and a strong catch ensures that they remain shut unless you twist them to release the catch to add, remove or change the pages.

Binding chains can be used in a similar way to the steel binding rings. They can be opened and closed easily and make an ideal way to present samples or swatches as each page can be displayed separately for close inspection.


We’re also committed to offering our clients a large range of paper and boards for text pages and covers to make them look and feel professional.

We can print the text or leaves of your document onto a range of papers. The most popular paper weights that we use are 100gsm, 120gsm or 160gsm white uncoated paper. These papers give a good clear result but do not make the finished job too large or bulky and can be printed in colour or black on one side or both sides of the paper.

You can make a real difference to the finished look of you document by thinking about the cover. We can print onto a range of cards that can then be bound into the document as a front and back cover. The most popular card that we use is a 300gsm white uncoated board but we can also use textured boards that have an embossed pattern stamped into the board for an added tactile feel such as a ribbed of leather effect. In addition, we can cut out an aperture in the front cover to revel text from the page beneath.

Protective Sheets
To added style and impact to your loose leaf document we can add an additional protective cover in either a clear flexible acetate or a strong rigid frosted plastic. These protective covers can dramatically enhance the appearance of you document and turn it into a prestigious printed item.

CD’s, DVD’s and USB’s

Add the finishing touch to your loose leaf document by providing a digital copy. This digital copy can include additional information that is not in the loose leaf document such as maps, diagrams, case studies of appendices. At Peppermint Print we can print, copy and duplicate onto CD’s, DVD’s or USB sticks and then incorporate them into you document using a number of binding techniques.

Complete Flexibility

Why be limited in quality and quantity? We work with both small businesses and large national chains, so we’re happy to offer either a single manual, or thousands at a time. It can be difficult to know exactly how many pages you’ll need in your manual, as rules, regulations, and information changes on a regular basis. Don’t worry, we not only offer complete flexibility in terms of how many pages you can order, but we also print just what you need, so you can amend or update your manuals whenever you like without it becoming a costly exercise.

Loose leaf printing can form an integral part of any business as it is especially economical when you have a large number of pages in a document but only require a few copies. You can also have as many or as few pages as you need, making them very flexible.

There is really no limit as to what loose leaf printing can be used for and the advancement of digital printing has made loose leaf printing more affordable and of a higher quality than in the past.

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