NCR Duplicate Sets

NCR Duplicate Sets Printing

The three most common formats that we print NCR in are –

NCR Singles

NCR single sets are the simplest and cheapest NCR option. Each set comprises of either 2, 3 or 4 individual sheets of different coloured NCR paper, glued at the head or on the side to keep the individual leaves together to form a single set.
Produced as individual sets allows for flexibility in how you distribute and use your printed business documents. These sets can be individually numbered and drilled with holes to aid filing to add to their versatility.

NCR Pads

To keep the business documents together can can glue your NCR sets into pads. These pads are glued at the head with a thick card at the back to help keep them flat. The NCR pads can have 2, 3 or 4 parts and are normally glued together in sets of 50. A piece of card is then used between the sets to act as a barrier or writing shield to ensure that only one set is written on at a time. This card can either be supplied loose or as a wrap around cover for added protection. We can drill the NCR pads with holes as well as sequentially number each set if required.

NCR Books

NCR books offer the most secure finish to your NCR business documents as the sets are stapled together to form a book. Each individual NCR sheet is then perforated along the edge to allow the user to remove each sheet for distribution. It is normal to leave the bottom sheet without a perforation so that in remains in the book. These NCR books include a cover which can be either plain or printed and can have sequential numbering on each sheet and drilled holes if needed.

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